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Core Values


We will strive to…

* Understand the viewpoints and circumstances of others
* Develop the capacity to forgive others and ourselves
* Celebrate and be grateful for the contributions of others
* Promote a peaceful, safe, caring and biblically inclusive school community


We will…

* Stand up for what we believe
* Practice honesty with ourselves and others
* Demonstrate fairness in our judgements and actions
* Fulfill commitments and promises to others


We will…

* Believe in the inherent dignity of all people
* Celebrate individuality
* Value and appreciate diversity of all people and perspectives
* Honor self and others through words and actions



We will…

* Take ownership of our behavior as individuals
* Have the courage to think and act independently
* Demonstrate effective problem solving and decision-making skills
* Be reliable and trustworthy


We will…

* Find positive ways to contribute to our school and a broader community
* Share our time and God-given talents with others
* Take an active role in service opportunities in school and the wider local and global community
* Value and celebrate service involvement
School Uniforms